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Saturday, December 06, 2008

If Roundball Had Body Checking

Dwight Jaynes' opinion of Kevin Garnett...

"At some point, doesn't an elbow have to be thrown? Or can't you at
least hammer him on a shot attempt? This is enough to make you
appreciate hockey, where you can take care of things like this."



Some really nice photos from Tim Bray of one of my favorite cities,
NYC. The photos are nice, and have a different light and angle than
the images that come to mind as inner memories...


Wednesday, December 03, 2008


"Clojure actually uses fewer parentheses to call java code than java code does."

podcast: http://podcasts.pragprog.com/2008-12/stuart-halloway-on-programming-clojure.mp3

Says this may be controversial to lisp programmers. Stuart obviously
has not seen the loop macro. ;-/



Let me get this straight, just as I am acclimating myself to groovy,
the world is coming around to lisp? I'll believe that when I see it.
But 10 years from now, I can imagine a programming community that
thinks nothing of the (), which is exactly how one should feel about



Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Transition is Over?

Has there ever been a presidential transition where the outgoing president has so completely disappeared, and the president-elect has so early-on assumed such a presidential presence? Not that I am complaining, because I believe the incoming administration to be more capable. But it seems that if a Mumbai-like attack or a significant-enough non-violent event were to occur in the US between now and Jan 20, who would America expect to see at the presidential podium? Could it cause a constitutional crisis of its own?

Best Groovy Book So Far


Monday the 8th at pdxfunc

pdxfunc is meeting Dec. 8 at CubeSpace...

Jim Blandy will present trace-based just-in-time compilation techniques, how they're being used in his work at Mozilla with the SpiderMonkey JavaScript implementation, and how these can be applied to functional programming languages. Jim is a contributor to GNU Emacs, Guile, GDB, GLIBC, Mozilla SpiderMonkey, Subversion, and others.

Julian Blake Kongslie will present his efforts in implementing modern state-based search using Haskell. He'll discuss the problems of search in FP in general and/or how he implemented his present solution. Julian is a graduate student at Portland State University, and author of the Chortl register-transfer language and Riviera continuation-based web framework.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Another Smalltalk in Flash


WiMax in PDX - you can order it now

The web site is up to check availability of, and place an order for,
WiMax ("mobile broadband") in the PDX area. Retail locations to open
early in 2009.


Too much information

Interesting bit on C#'s LINQ and C#'s "Dynamic Typing" having too much
information at compile-time and not enough at run-time...


What's interesting is that none of this is interesting in simpler languages.

Winter Coders' Social II - Tuesday, December 9th, 7-10pm, CubeSpace

from pdxfunc...


Last December, many of the local software developer User Groups banded
together and had a party (instead of the regular meetings). It was known
as the Winter Coders Social. In August, we had a Summer Coder's Social
as the outdoor and sunny successor!

Now, we're having a second Winter Coders' Social. Good and geeky times
will be had by all. Come join us.

Bring yourself, games if you have them, and a dish to share.

Some beverages will be provided.
Potluck signup: http://tinyurl.com/coders-social-potluck-form
Current potluck list: http://tinyurl.com/coders-social-potluck-list

We'll be playing games, like last year, so bring 'em!

There will be a programming competition! Any language welcome, no
particular toolkits or api skills necessary. These'll be problems that
just require thought. If enough of you are interested and bring a
language that you're only vaguely familiar with, we'll have a separate
league for language newbies. Prizes? Bragging rights! Plus a surprise
or two.

Hope to see you there!

P.S.: We will need a cleanup crew immediately following the party; if
you don't have to split right away, we'd appreciate your help. :)

For more options, visit this group at

Geek Meets Art, Dec. 7, PDX

"DorkbotPDX brings you Collin Oldham, Shelly Farnham and Steve Davee

Come join us for an evening of geek meets art. The fine folks at
AboutUs will be hosting us for this event, which takes place December
7th at 6PM. AboutUs is located at 107 SE Washington St, Suite 520.

The event is free and open to the public. Feel free to bring snacks
and drinks to share. Please spread the word!"


Emacs and Clojure

Bill Clementson's got some useful info for using Emacs for Clojure...


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