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Monday, June 08, 2009

Jobs of the Not-Steve Kind

An interesting graph of jobs related to some relatively hot programming language...

David Gelernter re: programming for/with clouds, etc.

"the reason why our approach was considered radical and strange in the
1980's was the so-called Tuple Space Model — the idea being that if
you had a lot of computing agents who needed to communicate, instead
of sending messages to each other, essentially like e-mail, if I had
information for someone, I'd just write it on a piece of datum and
release it and it would just float up into the cybersphere. If I
needed information, I'd look around, grab whatever I want, I would
read it or, if it were a task to be done, I'd grab it so nobody else
could grab it. "
-David Gelernter


(still beats the pants off all that crap we call integration
technology today. -me)

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