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Friday, September 12, 2008

OSCON Moves to San Jose!

OSCON is moving from Portland to San Jose? Who wants to spend a week
in San Jose?

Sorry San Jose -- I can happily fly into your airport and rent a car
up to San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Half Moon Bay, and other
destinations. But I've never seen a reason to actually stay in San
Jose overnight. A great part of the atmosphere of OSCON is the
atmosphere of Portland. That all goes away now.

People blog from all over the world how great Portland is, and how
they're looking forward to OSCON in Portland. I'm not able to envision
a similar response to San Jose.


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Shlomo said...

Man. That is a bummer. I totally agree. OSCON 2008 was a bit of a letdown but I couldn't complain because I was in portland and the Oregon Brewer's Festival was in town. I'll have to skip it and find another tech conference in portland next year :)

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