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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dear Football

My friend the viking (and so you might gather, good-sized former-football player) captures my sentiments exactly...

Dear football. Thank you for coming back. Love, me.
I can't really explain it for myself. I love baseball more than football, and so look forward to September pennent races and then October.

But American football, pro, college, and high school, started this past week. What I like about football is you have one game a week per your favorite teams. You have time to talk about the games and teams between games, and listen to all kinds of talk all week on sports radio.

It's really a tradition for my family and me now, going back to pre-teen years.

Oh, and I hope the Buckeyes take some bennies or something before they meet USC on Saturday. And I hope Beanie Wells gets over that foot injury.

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