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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Semantic Web, Meet Intranet. Intranet, Meet Semantic Web

From the Sun Babelfish Blog, on Sun generating FOAF from their LDAP...

"So what can one do with foaf that one could not so easily do with
ldap? Well the semantic web is all about linking and meshing
information. So one really simple thing to do is to link an external
foaf file with the internal one. I did this by adding an owl:sameAs
statement to my public foaf file that links my public and my sun id.
(It would be better to link the internal foaf file to the external
one, but that would have required a bit more work internally)."


Generating the FOAF is a good first step, but then it seems another
step is to make that editable by the subjects.

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