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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Weblogs and RSS: What's the big deal? The Wiki Wiki Web

Weblogs are sub-optimal. RSS is sub-optimal.

The best thing to come of this recent RSS/Echo issue is that Sam Ruby has demonstrated the value of the Wiki Wiki Web.

Funny that Echo could not have been designed very well with weblogs and RSS, er, Echo.

What's the best thing about aggregators? The fact they mainly visit weblogs? No. The fact they use RSS? No.

The best thing about aggregators is that they are better user interfaces for browsing the web than Mosaic, which is really what we're still using when we use IE.

Well at least Mozilla and Safari have tabs, for crying out loud.

What do we need, another Echo? Nope. We really need better applications. What happened to that Web Services revolution anyway, that the heat generated in 2003 is about HTTP.

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