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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Jython half-assed? Nah. It's full-assed.

Russell Batie is learning Python, but I wonder if he has really tried Jython...

Basically, I can't help thinking that Java could be made to work more like Python. I mean, there's Jython, but I don't want to talk about half-ass implementing Python on Java, I'm talking about making Java more programmer friendly like Python.

Jython is a complete Python. (Full-assed?) I would argue that Jython can also be considered a "Java made to work more like Python".

Java is established. I don't want to see the language change (much) at all. Jython is the Python way of programming with the Java class libraries. The two work together well, but one should not become too much like the other.

The distinction is beneficial and harmonious.

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