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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Dynamics: The Language Counts

Don Box continues to come to terms with dynamic languages...

More and more, however, I'm less convinced the problem is with languages per se but rather is related to how dynamic linking and binding works in most modern object systems...

The problem is that we bake a fair amount of non-semantic information into the way their code compiles against those assumptions.

...then steps back with Perl as the red herring...

I don't think the answer is for everyone to adopt Perl - if that's our only hope let's give up now.

By "non-semantic information" I guess he means "syntactic sugar"?

In any case, I think Don is half right. It *is* about how dynamic linking and binding works in a system. But how that works is intimately associated with the language design.

Have you ever used an interactive environment for a Pascal-like language? It is a very different experience from using one for Lisp, Smalltalk, or Python.

I won't mention Perl. That's the red herring for static typing loyalists.

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