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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Car Purchase - SUV = Photovoltaic System

A Maryland resident, who installed a photovoltaic system and now contributes more juice to the grid than he draws, made the point on CSPAN that, at current PV prices, someone making a car purchase could buy a less expensive car instead of an SUV and have enough left over to install a PV for their house.

Given current events at home and abroad, would you recommend to your representatives to increase incentives and funding for making each of us net contributors to the grid?

Independence and self-sufficiency is the American way, no? This should be a federal priority at least as important as the federal highway system. A solar system in New York produces 80% of the output as in the Southwest, so this is more than a regional option, especially combined with insulation and other improvements.

Conversion would make a healthy contribution to the employment situation as well as the environment.

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