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Sunday, November 16, 2003

My day just got a little brighter: Write Once, Run Anywhere!

The rain has let up and I can see the sun is out over the coastal range, but that's not the real source of sunshine in my day. I had been working on translating a little bit of Java into C#. I gave the automatic translator a quick try, but a strange error was not motivating enough to push through. Hand translation soon gave way last weekend to another project.

I had started to doubt the value of my time vs. the effort of getting up to speed at all. I installed NUnit (not nearly as much documentation as with jUnit) and NAnt (ditto vs. Ant). I managed to piece together enough of a .build file to compile a partially translated .DLL and run a few tests. (Using the unobvious NUnit2 task as opposed to the NUnit task!)

Then the light came from above. What's the state of C Python for .Net scripting? Production ready. Great news! What does it take to run it? Download and click on python.exe. Greater news! I can program using the simple, interactive, (and familiar to me) Python environment.

In just a couple of minutes my whole day, and project, turned from dread to desire. Rather than translating from Java to C# and maintaining two source paths, I'm translating from Java to Python and maintianing one source path that has a little glue into the Java library via Jython and a little glue into the dotnet library via CPython.Net.

Every indication is the CLR will eventually support Python and other dynamic languages much better as first class members of the CLR the way Jython works in the JVM. Meanwhile CPython.Net will do fine, consider this example of handling events...

          def handler(source, args):
              print 'my_handler called!'

          # register event handler
          object.SomeEvent += handler

          # unregister event handler
          object.SomeEvent -= handler

          # fire the event
          result = object.SomeEvent(...)

C Python is the best way to program in dotnet, and Jython is (one of) the best ways to program the JVM. (The JVM still rules on my personal list of interesting languages.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am giving a paper at PyconUK 2007 on translating Java to Python. I would like to have some examples of what you translated.

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