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Monday, December 22, 2003

Teddy Bear's Picnic on DVD in February

Great news from Harry Shearer...

Now, some real Xmas cheer: many of you have been asking when you can buy my film "Teddy Bears' Picnic" on DVD. The answer, apparently, is this February. Be warned, you may have some trouble finding it, since, as the result of a monthlong battle lost this week, the cover art on the box will more closely resemble Porky's 4.

This is merely proof that, while it's now easier to make a movie outside the Hollywood mainstream, to get it seen one still has to run the usual gauntlet of Visigoths. These particular barbarians, in a nice twist, are Canadian, and they appear to believe that the target audience for this movie is teenage boys. I'd share the art with you, but I promised a low-impact blast, so take my word for it--the bikini-clad blonde who dominates the cover art appears nowhere in the film.

If you'd like to send a greeting to the primate who insists on this approach, his address is: rmanis@thinkfilmcompany.com. Yes, thinkfilm. When your business is irony, even that comes back to haunt you.

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