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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Where's IBM's Linux Desktop?

From consultingtimes...

Have you noticed that the most likely source of technology expertise, IBM has simply refused to provide a Linux Desktop? With all of their Lotus applications neatly running on their own UNIX products, they won't let you have them on Linux. Instead, they suggest you purchase Windows XP Professional.

The internal strife existing at IBM over producing a Linux desktop has the potential to hurt IBM's business model. A powerful internal software organization wants to grab server market share from Microsoft without disturbing Microsoft's desktop. Anyone inside IBM that mentions a Linux desktop has the potential for losing their job. While few people at IBM know what exists outside the company, the powerful software group may have top executives walking the same plank as the rest of us if Microsoft remains the only Intel desktop platform.

While the software people at IBM have their heels dug in, they may find out that their Web Services strategy based on Java has no place to go. Sun may not have put IBM in "Check," as Scott McNealy has put it, but Sun's Java Desktop System definitely places IBM in a Microsoft dilemma. IBM will have to decide if they'll continue to provide Java Web Services and find a desktop to accommodate it, or watch their Java developers transfer their code to Microsoft's Java Language Conversion Assistant.

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