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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

It's Morning in America: So Let's Wake Up!

There are just a few basic points the coming presidential campaign should be based on. Every other issue should be brushed aside with just enough rhetoric to play to the center and get the conversation back on track.

It's called the center for good reasons. Most people are not far right neo-cons (even most true conservatives are not neo-cons). Likewise most people at best don't care about gay marriage. Sorry to those of you with strong opinions on either side of that one, which is simply a messy intersection of civil laws and socio-religious customs. The Democrats have to stick to the simple message this year.

No, the point of this election year is to get back to the center, or something resembling it. Let's call it the "moral majority".

The moral consequences of destroying countries and not rebuilding them is bad enough. But the practical consequences are worse. The Bush administration's foreign policy is undermining US security.

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