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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

For Camp Smalltalk

In a message to the Camp Smalltalk list I wrote...

I'm interested in learning Seaside. Additionally, I've been wanting to learn Mozilla/XUL, and how it is different from HTML.

Here's a bit more of what's been forming in my mind...

  • I implemented a "Naked Objects" like system in Jython and SWT, late at night, a couple hours at a time. A Naked Objects user interface is non-modal.
  • I'm ultimately interested in something like the "Object Lens" which is kind of an enhanced Naked Objects.
  • Related to this is the Haystack system, which also makes interesting use of continuations for "rich" user interfaces. These kinds of continuations could allow a NakedObjects GUI to be "end user customized" into a more "task-oriented" user interface without much scripting, if any at all.
  • Smalltalk is a good platform for something like the Object Lens.
  • Seaside might be a good platform for something like Haystack's particular use of continuations, which granted is not as intensive as with HTML but at least as interesting.
  • XUL might be a good platform for user interfaces for these kinds of systems because the interaction is "rich" and yet these systems still use a relatively fixed set of interactions. The Javascript could be canned at design time and downloaded from the Smalltalk server.
  • Mozilla does support extensible scripting via XPCOM (Cross-platform Component Object Model). Javascript is the default, but there is a Python binding. Smalltalk could be a good candidate too.
I write hardly any code anymore, hardly any for the last few years. This summer I'll spend a week at Camp Smalltalk, which might be a good chunk of time to march somewhere down this list, whether or not someone wants to join in on my specific agenda. Certainly that'll be more time than I piece-mealed into the Jython code last year.

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