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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The problem with Share Point (and most "portals")

I love the way I can shape a Wiki to provide a "narrative" that is still a "web".

Why does Share Point (and portals in general from what I have seen) provide a sterile, partitioned, austere "user interface" experience?

Clearly the best of the web is based on self-navigable "narratives". Maybe there is a way to do this in Share Point, if I had the time to discover more about it.

If there is, this should certainly be the default behavior.


Anonymous said...

Because implementing a Wiki is so simple there's no way to monitize it?
-Adam V.

Patrick Logan said...

I think there is something to the "monetizing" argument.

I think it also comes from the customer side... I continue to see a lot of behavior in large enterprises that seems to believe anything of *value* (not just cost, mind you) should by definition be big, complicated, and even cumbersome.

Really. I think the portal vendors, like other kinds of vendors, are just capitalizing on these behaviors. "Selling" something as simple as a Wiki, or even as simple as Smalltalk, is *more* difficult than selling the more complicated and costly approximations.

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