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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Simplicity vs. Rigidity

So JDO is a mess (original report), certainly EJB is a mess (hence JDO), but let's face it, the root cause is the language itself.

First, JDOQL is an abomination. (There I said it.) There are four standard ways of expressing object-oriented queries: query language, query by criteria, query by example and native SQL. JDOQL is none of these.
None of these is going to be very pleasing in a rigid language like Java.

In contrast, consider SchemeQL, or HaskellDB, or ROE for Smalltalk.

The difference between these and options for Java (or C# or VB.Net or C++ or Ada or Pascal or C or...)? The difference is in the simplicity of the root language (and note these are three very different languages, syntactically) as opposed to the rigidity. (Related note.)

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