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Monday, October 11, 2004

Verbs for Coordination, Verbs for Action

This is a restatement of the previous item...

I think the fundamental problem is we need to distinguish between verbs for coordination and verbs for action. Verbs for coordination should be a small fixed set that describe the putting of messages into (and taking of messages from) a shared space.

Verbs for action (e.g. to reboot some machine at some time) by their very nature will be larger and less stable. Certain domains have more stable sets of verbs than others, and many others would be expected to stabilize with increased use.

Requesting an action of another participant in the system consists of putting a verb for action in a message, and using a verb for coordination to get that message to the participant. Overloading POST or creating new WSDL definitions are examples of conflating these two kinds of verbs, those for coordination and those for action.

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