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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Python, Prevayler, and ODBMS

Patrick K. O'Brien, Orbtech, writes in a comment...

Keep your eye out for two Python projects that will have major releases in the next couple of weeks: Pypersyst is a prevayler-style persistence mechanism for Python. Schevo is a full-blown ODBMS and Application Framework written in Python that can store Python objects in Pypersyst, ZODB, or Durus (including the ability to switch between storage backends, and the ability to use different backends for replicas). And it has many other goodies (like incredible support for schema evolution and object migration) that you'll simply have to wait to hear about.


Anonymous said...

Strange. There have been no check-ins at PyPerSyst since June.

Anonymous said...

There haven't been recent checkins to SF because the code was moved to a Subversion repository. The latest code will be available very soon. Keep an eye on these two websites for announcements:

Pypersyst: http://www.pypersyst.org
Schevo: http://www.schevo.org

Patrick K. O'Brien

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