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Monday, February 07, 2005

Cygwin Heaven

I hadn't used Cygwin in some time. So nice. I found a tip for setting the TERM to rxvt which makes applications like emacs display well.

Gambit-C 4 beta 12 builds fine. The 'make check' test fails, maybe due to some CR-LF text/binary mode setting I need to consider. When the tests are diff'd ignoring whitespace they work fine. The tests for the C interface and dynamic loading need to be looked at. But the resulting executables seem fine so far.

Now I need to try the emacs mode for gambit.

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Dominic said...

My main computer is always a Windows system, so I use Cygwin quite a lot as a means of communicating with *ux machines. I've also use the rxvt hack you mentioned, (but I still have problems with emacs and line-ends). Mostly though, that isn't a problem because I run up the X server and tunnel X through SSH, giving me an even nicer user experience. (Why do vendors of X servers for Windows charge so much when there's a free one that works just fine?).

I suppose YMMV if you're using Cygwin to compile and run apps locally.

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