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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Buddies, ACL's, and Capabilities

Tim wrote some time ago about making everything network aware, including...

  • If you assume ad-hoc networking, you have to automatically define levels of access. I've always thought that the old Unix UGO (User, Group, Other) three-level permission system was simple and elegant, and if you replace the somewhat arbitrary "group" with "on my buddy list," you get something quite powerful. Which leads me to...
  • Buddy lists ought to be supported as a standard feature of all apps, and in a consistent way. What's more, our address books really ought to make it easy to indicate who is in a "buddy list" and support numerous overlapping lists for different purposes.
Rather than ACLs, I'd like netware to provide me a list of actions it's capabable of doing on the network, along with an easy way of composing new actions. Then I'd like to make several groups of those actions from all my netware. One grouping for myself, others with decreasing capabilities for family, friends, associates, and the world at large.

My buddy list would then include for each member the groups of capabilities I have granted them. As relationships change I would then be able to increase or decrease their reach into my world.

I've not followed the e-rights world for a while. I wonder where this is going.

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Vanessa said...

E's capability-based security model is coming to Smalltalk - it's going to be the base for security in Croquet and Tweak.

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