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Friday, September 16, 2005

Nintendo Revolution

The long-rumored controller for the Nintendo Revolution has been revealed. What a winner.

My understanding is Nintendo was the early innovator of the common features of current controllers. This is another revolutionary advance from the looks of the video from the Tokyo Game Show.

I have been telling my kids for years that once a controller along these lines gets us away from the unnatural button combinations I'll be able to kick their butts. They have a physical memory for modern controllers I have never invested enough time in to become competent. That is why I am competitive with them on games like Mario Kart Double Dash (simple controls), but not on most games.

Now we shall soon see if my words will hold up. This controller looks to make all sorts of actions more directly translatable into the game.

I don't care what else is in the Revolution. I am not a big gamer at all but I cannot wait to try out this controller. Cell wha? 360 wha? Ho hum. I could become more of a gamer with this controller. My 13 year old showed me the video last night. At first I thought, what, the controller is a TV remote?

But watch the video of it in action. I hope they have the virtual drum set ready to go in March!


Anonymous said...

incredibile, I think this is exactly the reaction that the big N would like to induce and non-core-gamers.

I hope everybody will follow your same approach :D

Anonymous said...

It's going to be either great or horrible, depending on whether the execution lives up to a rather demanding concept. I'm hoping for great.

On the downside, it's lousy for at least one die-hard Nintendo fan I know who's handicapped and uses his feet to manage controllers.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful invention it is, this thing we call the Internet!

Anonymous said...

Come and check it out if you get the time 8-)

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