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Friday, October 14, 2005


I left a comment on James Robertson's blog re: his item on CORBA and WS. I agree with his point about port 80. (Although CORBA was addressing that just as the SOAP community accelerated.)

Still, as far as port 80 and people working hard on the basic interop capabilities go... the result I think is still essentially that SOAP and WS-* interop is about at the level XML-RPC was five years ago. Is it really much beyond that today?

The data passed via SOAP is arguably more expressive, or at least more widely recognizable as XML, than the XML-RPC syntax. Once you get off of port 80 though and stop using HTTP as a transport, then WS-* seems to quickly devolve into the same old proprietary vendor race to lock in customers.

JBI is an attempt to avoid this but has little momentum that I know of. The ESB is still promoted as the key to deep success of integration within the enterprise. We had this five years ago in proprietary form. Today we are no further from the vendor lock-in that it takes to move in this direction. Outside the enterprise there's still no advantage over REST in sight.

This is still interop-in-the-small... I think even CORBA was beyond this point five years ago.

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