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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Losing the War (No, not *that* war)

If Microsoft looks at Ruby as competion then Microsoft has already lost the war, let alone the battle. Whatever happened to that IronPython thingy? I thought that was supposed to make any agile language first-classable on the CLR.


John Mudd said...

Want hope? Look to PyPy.


Patrick Logan said...

What does PyPy have to do with enabling agile languages generally on the CLR or emphasizing the "love" side of MSFT's love/hate relationship with agile languages?

Anthony Tarlano said...

IronPython will be released as 1.0 in a couple weeks. The fact that the CLR has a common type system means that on day 1 you will probably have more C# folks that can consider switching to it for their programming tasks then will ever switch from CPython to a complete academic exercise like PyPy

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