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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Virtual Fun

I'm really enjoying my new job. The team is a lot more fun than those I've been part of over the last few years. Partly because those teams in the recent past have been almost 100% "virtual" i.e. distributed. No matter how much good work you can get done "virtually" it is difficult to maintain a healthy "virtual" sense of humor, you can't walk to the coffee shop, or talk in the hallway. Distributed bases can work, but each base has to have a small set of people who see each other at least several times a week. The people, the atmosphere, and the work all make a difference too.

My current team is co-located *and* they have a sense of humor (senses of humor?). And they are very smart, and stuff. And they've watched Team America: World Police several more times than I have. (Me: Once, but I laughed my ass off enough for three viewings. Although now I *have* to get the unrated DVD version.)

This week as my manager reports we found a kindred spirit visiting from several thousand miles away in Belfast, over beers. They've done good stuff with virtualization, open source, etc. So we're looking forward to this Portland base working with the Belfast base on some common interests.

And I am looking forward to having a lot more fun, and working on interesting things with smart people. What a difference a few weeks make.

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