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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Silver Anniversary

Sometime in the last year or two I passed my Silver Anniversary of using Emacs. That pre-dates even the existence of GNU Emacs. On jwz's Emacs family tree, I have used...

  • The original EMACS on a DEC-20 / Twenex
  • ZMACS on Symbolics and TI Lisp Machines
  • Gosling Emacs -- eh, ok.
  • Unipress Emacs -- on a Data General Eclipse, the only Emacs that ever sucked
  • MicroEmacs -- from Craig Finseth's family tree.
  • GNU Emacs
  • Epoch
  • Lucid Emacs
  • XEmacs
Calling EMACS an editor is like calling Earth a hunk of dirt.

Chris DiBona

I've had Emacs running for weeks on-end with buffer lists in the dozens. I love Emacs and I am ready to be more than just friends.

How Emacs works.

1 comment:

Duncan McGreggor said...

"I love Emacs and I am ready to be more than just friends."

A-hahaha! That killed me :-)

But I still don't get emacs. Most of the developers I know use it, all my physics profs used it, but vim just fits my brain, what can I say...

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