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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

CouchDB Finds a Home

Damien Katz is going to IBM to work on CouchDB full time. CouchDB is now intended to become an Apache project.

That's a great development. Good for IBM picking it up, too.

Not knowing CouchDB too deeply, but the basic gist of it, I wonder how well the approach would translate into a cloud-based system, not too unlike Simple DB?

The database world is suddenly (to me at least) looking significantly different than even a year ago, given CouchDB, Simple DB, and the research at MIT on C-Store, H-Store, etc.

Last year at this time my co-workers and I were diving into a serious look at Jini/Javaspaces for some intra-data-center messaging and persistence needs. The community was what we decided was the biggest lack, but the complexity was high on the list, and the Java-centric nature was ok, but not... (alright Jini community... I know it can be used with/from other non-Java systems...)

Given systems like those above, I wonder which direction we would have favored back then.

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