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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'd like to thank my friend, and Portlander, Arlo Belshee (of Promiscuous Pairing fame) for once again making "agile" unsafe and going all "extreme" on us. His session at AONW on Tuesday has been my favorite so far.

The sessions have all be great. Agile clearly has a beach head in (nearly?) all software development organizations of any size. (And at least one fantastic non-software, "outdoor start-up", http://trackersnw.com)

So while adoption can still be challenging in many organizations, clearly "agile" is now "safe". So much so that sometimes it feels unsafe to use the term "extreme". I was not crazy about that term in the beginning. Now I kind of miss it.

Arlo's never let go of the ideal: push yourself and your team to its extremes. Can your knobs go to eleven? Arlo's can because he continuously works at it.

His session on "Working Tiny" was excellent, and not just because of him: the group made it great. Arlo made it unsafe enough in that corner of the conference to once again think, and talk, "extreme".

Pictures of the conference are now posted. Track the wiki for more... http://agileopennorthwest.com/wiki

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