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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Emerging Enterprise in the Cloud

Jon Rose writes...

I have been working on a case study with Claude Courbois of NASDAQ for a few months now. We finally finished it up and published it over at InfoQ.com. NASDAQ has a very cool application, Market Replay, which utilizes AIR (desktop) & S3 (data). I am personally fascinated by how much the world has changed, as the platforms allowed NASDAQ to roll out an enterprise application with very minimal hardware infrastructure...

These technologies... I believe that their innovation will really mean more opportunities... They are enabling us to bring to market many ideas that were previously too difficult or costly to implement.

Or even just ideas too time-consuming too implement. Development groups with an idea can go and grab a fair bit of infrastructure without all the hoopla needed to requisition all the pieces within an IT data center. If the ideas prove out then in some cases they could or should be brought back "in-house". In other cases, they may be fine in the cloud.

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