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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Feeling Like Joe Berkovitz

I read Joe's blog for Flex/Flash information. But he captured my
position well this morning...

"I don't know who Barack Obama really is, or what he will do about the
dire place our country has been taken to. All I know is this: for a
change we elected someone who is candid about our problems, and is
obviously an intelligent and kind person. In America, something as
simple as this is something to be proud of: look at where we've been.
Elections are in the realm of appearances, but we are emerging from an
era in which we have both appeared and acted monstrously, to others
and to each other. So, for a moment, I'm celebrating this result.
And hoping for some real action to follow."


It's going to be a tough row to hoe. Obama seems to have the
leadership skills and disposition to make good things happen. Put
working across the aisle aside for a moment... the Democrat party in
and of itself is extremely diverse. Even with decent majorities in
Congress this will be a fair bit like herding cats. Tigers and lions

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