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Friday, March 25, 2011

Building and Running 4store on Ubuntu 10.10

Note to self, if no one else: it's not immediately obvious, but time-saving to know, that 4store 1.1.2 will build with raptor 2.0.2 and rasqal 0.9.25.

All the other dependencies are available as packages on Ubuntu 10.10.

Upon building and installing raptor and rasqal, it is also not immediately obvious, but you might have to run sudo ldconfig for those shared libs to be found by 4store.

Starting the sparql http server includes one strange message in its output, something like:

4store[31919]: 4s-client.c:129 kb=sample getaddrinfo failed for “fe80::21e:64ff:fe2b:f42%wlan0” with error: Address family for hostname not supported

This probably is related to 4store using avahi to perform dynamic discoveries. Running 4store on a single machine, with a single store, this does not seem to be a problem. (Although I don't want to ignore this for long... so if you have any information...)


Danny said...

Hey Patrick - not sure if it's the same problem but I got a very similar message when trying to import some data and the solution here seems to have been disabling ipv6 (I used instructions at http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/how-to-disable-ipv6-in-ubuntu-1004.html).

Love to hear what you've got in mind for the thing. I've stuck an install on my server, mostly to get more performant SPARQL against my blog data (it was being served by a hacky script). Also got a local install going (it's here where I had the problem). Was thinking of trying some play alongside node.js (@jenit's suggestion), but also think I'll just dump any RDF that passes by in there, kind of a random DB.

Patrick Logan said...

Thanks Danny. I will look at that.

re: what I have in mind. Nothing specific at this point. I have some Clojure code I've been using with Jena just for learning both. For my own comparison, I am trying out 4store with Steel Bank Common Lisp.

I have some applications in mind which I'll blog about here down the road.

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