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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Relative Coordinate Systems of Cappuccino's CPView

Cappuccino's Objective-J API is based on the Objective-C source for NeXTStep. NextStep was developed at NeXT in the 1980's. At that time it was considered the premier GUI programming API. As it happens the corresponding Cappuccino API should be considered the premier browser-based, "rich", "single-page app", whathaveyou, programming API.

I added a simple example to github which illustrates how easy it is to create multiple subdivided views that resize appropriately as the browser window resizes. Or you could use HTML5/CSS3 and write "puns" to trick the web page layout model into behaving like a window system. I find the straightforward approach significantly more productive.

The best way to solve a complex programming problem is to address simpler problems that add up. The nested views with relative coordinate systems goes back to something like the beginning of computer graphics. Complex layouts become simple combinations of much simpler layouts.

I'm putting most of my exposition in the README.org and jotting about updates on subjot, e.g. this one, or watch the github repository itself.

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