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Friday, August 08, 2003

Video Conferencing vs. Video Applications

When it is hooked to his Mac, Zeedar can use the camcorder as a webcam for video conferencing. But when his TiVo is plugged into the camera, Zeedar can broadcast pay-per-view soccer games to others.

"It's very cool," said Zeedar. "He can watch my soccer channels from his home. Or anywhere, really."

I see a lawsuit on the horizon.

Past that horizon though are video applications. This matches what I experienced when I was developing video conferencing systems about ten years ago.

The big lesson was that people don't want to look at talking heads. They think that is cute, then collapse the video window and get on with the meeting.

People do want to use the video for applications. The primary one used to be to detect "presence". Of course video is not necessary for that today, but it was a convenient mechanism back then. Other applications include sharing some information that is physically not "in" the computer. With better 3D shape recognition watch out.

As video (and video editing BTW) becomes ubiquitous new applications like Zeedar's will change business models and improve communication. "Pure" video conferencing will fall by the wayside though.

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Jame Solis said...

Personally we use video in all our applications, its the best medium to get good results and get the message across

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