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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Peer-to-Peer Sockets

From Brad Neuberg, OnJava, an insightful abstraction of sockets on p2p on sockets...

P2P Sockets effectively hides JXTA by creating a thin illusion that the peer-to-peer network is actually a standard TCP/IP network. If peers wish to become servers, they simply create a P2P server socket with the domain name they want, and the port other peers should use to contact them. P2P clients open socket connections to hosts that are running services on given ports. Hosts can be resolved either by domain name, such as www.nike.laborpolicy, or by IP address, such as Behind the scenes, these resolve to JXTA primitives, rather than being resolved through DNS or TCP/IP....

The P2P Sockets project already includes a large amount of software ported to use the peer-to-peer network, including a web server (Jetty) that can receive requests and serve content over the peer-to-peer network; a servlet and JSP engine (Jetty and Jasper) that allows existing servlets and JSPs to serve P2P clients; an XML-RPC client and server (Apache XML-RPC) for accessing and exposing P2P XML-RPC endpoints; an HTTP/1.1 client (Apache Commons HTTP-Client) that can access P2P web servers; a gateway (Smart Cache) to make it possible for existing browsers to access P2P web sites; and a WikiWiki (JSPWiki) that can be used to host WikiWikis on your local machine that other peers can access and edit through the P2P network. Even better, all of this software works and looks exactly as it did before being ported. The P2P Sockets abstraction is so strong that porting each of these pieces of software took as little as 30 minutes...

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