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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Leveling the Playing Fields: More for All

And most of all, Cook wants to fix health care. ?When you move the work to India and China you get an immediate $6,000 savings right there,? he says. ?It?s huge.?

Who pays for this savings? Healthcare in these countries is horrible, especially for the millions of poor people who don't work for the elite corporations. The infrastructure, aside from what the elite corporations are building for themselves, is equally horrible,

How can a country, such as the US, that has taken such advantages as to provide at least a reasonable amount of healthcare for most people, as well as sanitation, transportation, and many other services for all, compete with a workforce not based in an equivalent healthy society?

I think there are two imperatives:

  • One, corporations moving operations to poorer societies should share half of their savings with those societies at large. This would be an "international tax" for the benefit of lifting up the imbalanced, poorer societies those corporations are *taking advantage* of.
  • Two, the governments of the more privileged societies should legislate incentives and investments toward "sustainable" technologies and behaviors. We obviously need to do more with less in privileged societies that currently use more than our fare share of resources that make us "privileged" in the first place, and we need to set the course for those societies that will follow in our path.
These are two ways to "grow the pie" for all of us, to address imbalances that have been falling out of balance for decades with too little leadership. Discuss these ideas and others.

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