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Friday, December 10, 2004

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Anonymous writes in yet another comment...

what exactly is the benefit of being able to run a variety of dynamic languages on either of those platforms? It seems to me that moving forward the most meaningful common runtime environment, for any application written in any programming language, is the network and its associated protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.)
I agree. Then what *is* the benefit of dynamic languages on these platforms?

Personally, if I am asked to use the CLR or the JVM, I want to be able to use a dynamic language. I've used Jython, JScheme, and SISC a good bit.

Generally, remember when most programmers eschewed garbage collection? Those of us using dynamic languages then had a more difficult time integrating with "non-managed" (how droll) run-time than we do now intgrating with the JVM and the CLR. (So welcome thus far!)

When these systems go completely dynamic, integration becomes that much easier. In fact end-of-life'ing the JVM and the CLR become real possibilities. So my ultimate motivation for promoting this migration is to rid the world once and for all of the JVM and the CLR, those regressive monstrosities that they are!


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