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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Good Point

Chris Sells makes a, er, "point"...

The thing that I really need that I'm missing is for my computer, and everyone's computer that I'm conferencing with, to have a stylus attached to their screen. The "let's just sketch something on the white board" is really the last remote collaboration frontier 'til we get some kind of fancy "virtual presence" stuff going.

I don't mean that every computer needs to be a Tablet PC. Frankly, I'm not very productive on a computer that doesn't have a keyboard. But, I want to be able to sketch something right on my computer screen like a tablet can and instantly share it as I do so. Plus, and here's the rub, I want everyone else to have a stylus, too. If they don't, they'll turn to the white board and I'm out of luck across the great divide.

Good point. A freehand drawing and handwriting surface should "just be" part of the standard desktop.


Anonymous said...

Scott McCloud raves about his Cintiq combo tablet/monitor.

Anonymous said...

Inkwell, anyone?

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