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Monday, May 23, 2005

SAP, Python, and Passion


"Open-source technologies such as Python and PHP, to name just two, are of great interest to college students and younger people with a passion," according to Shai Agassi of SAP's Executive Board. But he doesn't believe there is yet the same enthusiasm for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications.
Evidence the long-tail may be gaining mind share over the SOA?


Ian Bicking said...

I'm not sure quite how to read the quote. Is he saying their is not yet enthusiasm for ERP applications? That is true. That will remain true forever.

But I think the quote means that there isn't enthusiasm for open source things among ERP people. Do ERP people have true enthusiasm for anything? Not professional enthusiasm, but personal enthusiasm? Open source is all about individuals and personal enthusiasm. These things have little connection to ERP, or E-anything.

Patrick Logan said...

I think the intent is more like the latter, although the grammar and word choice is more like the former.

The greater message though is that one of the top technologists at SAP has dynamic languages well up on his radar. These things take time, but they seem to be amounting to something significant.

Andrew and Kate said...

SAP uses Python as an integral part of the TREX product and has done so for many years.

Perhaps Shai is not aware of the extent to which open source products are used by SAP?

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