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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lists. Really? Can we expect better?

Catching up with things missed while on vacation. Bill hÓra writes...

Technically speaking a list module is so simple, so trivial, that my best guess has been that we developer types just haven't bothered to do it... Socially and commercially however having a unified list format that isn't buried in HTML is going to be insanely valuable. The problem with HTML lists is that you can't get at them, class them, tag them, most importantly, share them...
Whatever happened to microformats? List up to three things:
  1. Item 1 here.
  2. Item 2 here.
  3. Item 3 here.
...it's the XML, stupid.
This is my way of saying I *still* don't get XML. I make no apologies.

For the record, I had the same reaction to OPML. I still don't get that XML either.

Do we need OPML *and* MSFT Simple List Extension? Do we need either? I am unconvinced.

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