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Friday, January 06, 2006

Constant Flow of Ice Cream In

I am watching this Microsoft video to find out what The Roches have to do with sound on Windows Vista. It turns out they have Robert Fripp doing some sounds and in the recording evokes some essence of his work with The Roches. I saw the Roches perform at the Berkeley School of Music in Boston in 1985 (around the time Another World was released).

They are three amazing sisters for getting all kinds of harmonies into their music. (If you have not heard them perform the Hallelujah Chorus, well.) I was looking forward to some harmonies on the Windows Vista OS. Oh, well.

It turns out The Roches web site has a *lot* of video from Soundstage, SNL, the Late Show, etc. I leave you with some favorites of mine...

Why don't you listen to my little pep talk? Come in off the ledge.

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