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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Among the several artifacts from my 24 hour rant I will always treasure are the following quotes...

  • "Refactoring for factuality, I think he means something more like..."
  • "I've seen synchronized markers employed like pixie dust until the problem seems to go away."
  • "I have a hard time telling what's really going on on that blog page."
  • "Blimey, that’s gonna cause a bit of a ruckus."
  • "It's an apples and rhinos comparison."
  • "Lots of dodgy assertions and straw-man--bashing, but there are some lucid moments."
  • "You're looking at premium car-wax, retina burning shine'y"
  • "Right now the post is so heavily edited that it looks worse than a wiki page on thread mode during a flame war."
Yes, and I edited that page by myself. No help. 8-)

Classics. Thank you for the quotes and the arguments one way or the other.

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