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Friday, March 30, 2007

Flash, Flex, Apollo -- Nice Bits

Via Blaine Buxton, the Omaha Dynamic Language Group will be discussing Flex and ActionScript 3.0.

Other programmers here have been diving into that the last few weeks. I've been reading in my down time from other things, but would like to write some code in the next few days. Flash 9 has a lot of general improvements as an environment for structured graphics applications, and Flex builds on that for GUI front end things that are not so oriented toward animation and graphics as the base Flash api.

Apollo just looks to be a leap ahead of other "Web 2.0" (if you will) front end environments. Busting out of the crappy browser that in spite of AJAX has been mostly languishing for years and years. We're not using Apollo yet here, but for some of the front ends we may need it could be. It's only in an initial alpha release currently. I want to play with "the bits" as they say at an Adobe rival that should be really concerned with the polish Flash, Flex, and Apollo are showing.

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