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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Meet the New Boss

Nati Shalom, not an unbiased, but still an accurate observer...

Oracle's acquisition of Tangosol is one more acquisition in a series that indicates Oracle has finally come to the conclusion that the relational database is no longer a sufficient infrastructure platform for a large class of applications, such as Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) and real-time analytics.
Let's see how much gas Tangosol has, though. Prior to the acquisition, the head of Tangosol had speculated about the combined advantages of their data cache and the jini, or at least javaspaces, distributed architecture. Now are they back to square one with J2EE?


Unknown said...

"How much gas Tangosol has"?!?!?

I don't know how to respond to that, other than to say that I like Chili as much as the next guy.

We've been the leading vendor in our market for years, and we've been steadily growing our lead.

Very simply, Oracle bought Tangosol because they could afford the best, and they didn't want to settle for second place.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Purdy,

Instead of getting stuck on the slight slight, perhaps you can respond to the meat of the question: how can Oracle Coherence make way into grid computing within a 10gas (get it? gas?) environment?

For example, what's the deployment model look like?


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