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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Free Data

You have to be real careful when you invest in some vendor's technology. Will they help or hinder getting you where you want to go.

Microsoft I gather is *real* scared of google, and so they try emulating a bunch of googlesque capabilities. As usual I have not read a lot about them, but this one about "live data" and "data wants to be free" caught my attention.

See, calendar information seems to me to be the data that *most* wants to be free, but isn't yet as free as it should be. Is calendar information now free from Microsoft?

Or is there motto: "Data wants to be free, and will be, unless we can lock it up in a proprietary server, obfuscate it in proprietary formats, and extort you to pay for a lot of client licenses to get to it using tools of our choice"?

Maybe things have changed -- please correct me if I am wrong, or explain why you don't need fully functional calendar information to be free.

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