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Monday, May 07, 2007

Jini Panic

Fuzzy relays the state of the Jini world... great Java technology. Community is awful. Not easy to invest in that direction, when the signs of community since River started have been no better, or worse, than prior to that event.

Sad, really.

On Thursday an email went out to arrange a get together on Monday at JavaOne. I will be down in SF on Thursday and Friday, but too late to change plans for Monday.



PetrolHead said...


Too many complainers, too many zealots, too many risk averse, too many want it all now for free, too many not prepared to open their mouths and not enough do'ers.


Community equals current users, prospective users and current developers.

Simple really.


Patrick Logan said...

Jini is a lot easier to ignore than it is to embrace, unfortunately.

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