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Friday, September 07, 2007

(Re)New Web

"Air will set the World on Fire."

The current browser is a terrible platform for the web. Whatever you think about Adobe's Air, per se, it will ultimately change "the browser" for the betterment of the web generally.


Anonymous said...

Amen Patrick!

The browser may be a bigger impediment to the web reaching its full potential than not having an Open Social Network yet.

Unfortunately, it's in the hands of the wrong folks. But I do read the Web 2.0 has chipped away at Internet Explorer a bit.

Unless they constantly hammered through competition, Microsoft will sit quietly by. They don't innovate there.

Patrick Mueller said...

AIR, and Silverlight, and Slingshot (joyent), and you could even imagine RCP apps in Java. The interesting thing to me, about these, is that there's likely going to be less of a need to 'download code' every time you want to run an 'app'. Less security worries, easier to allow an app to roam the web freely, rather than be locked out of cross-site data access.

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