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Friday, August 08, 2008

Clearwire WiMAX

Clearwire is coming. My father-in-law has it in Seattle. He's not the
most demanding user, but it seems to work fine for him using
"pre-WiMAX". I'd be really happy to pick up WiMAX anywhere in the
city, inside or outside, at that price.

"Clearwire goes on to say that it's in a "great position" to launch in
Portland by year's end, and that Clearwire is using the nascent
Portland network to try out new mobile WiMAX technologies on a variety
of laptop brands.

Portland, and its suburbs, are slated to be among the first regions to
get Clearwire's "true" WiMAX service -- which employs approved WiMAX
standards.The company already serves other parts of the West with a
wireless technology loosely called "pre-WiMAX."

Clearwire hopes to make WiMAX an alternative to DSL and cable, as well
as an affordable option to connect on the go. Rates currently start
around $38 a month (though Clearwire offers introductory specials) for
downloads of approximately 1.5 megabits per second.

Oregon cities that Clearwire now serves include Bend, Medford,
Roseburg and Eugene."


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