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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Listening to..

Little Feat:

  • "Chinese Work Songs"
  • "High Wire Act"
  • "Live at the Ram's Head"
  • "Waiting for Columbus"

In case you're interested.

"They say time loves a hero, but only time will tell.
If he's real, he's a legend from heaven.
If he ain't he was sent here from hell..."


Garrett Hart said...

Uh, Patrick, that was a tweet. Time to sign up man.

Patrick Logan said...

Oh, man. I'm Old School - Dave Winer and other folks were blogging what they're listening to back at the turn of the century.

At first I thought you wrote "that was sweet" as if I turned you on to Little Feat.

I'm still waiting for you guys to get blogs!

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