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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Catch 22: Atom is available, but it is all or nothing

Update: This from Blogger in response... There is not a want to publish both RSS/Atom. If you do not want to yet switch to Atom, you can use your RSS feed until you choose to switch to Atom.

So if you want to publish both RSS and Atom from Blogger, let them know.

I can publish Atom if I change a setting in my blogger configuration. But I won't, at least not yet.

I've sent an email to Blogger/Google to explain this. Apparently, (from what I can see in the UI), I have to choose between RSS 1.0 and Atom. I cannot have both, unless I write it myself, and I have no interest in that.

How can the Blogger base switch to Atom this way until all the universe supports it first? How will the universe be encouraged to support Atom unless the Blogger base publilshes it? Catch 22.

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