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Friday, December 31, 2004

Prediction of Hope

Don Box has some predictions for 2005. I like reading people's ideas, but I only have hopes, not predicitions. One of Don's predictions leads to a hope of mine...

The term SOA will have been beaten to death and the software industry will invent or recycle some equally vague term to replace it. The term has zero differentiation value at this point and marketing teams across the globe are looking to coin a replacement that will give them something more interesting to say about their middleware than "we move messages around really well." If "Business Agents" become the buzzword de l'année, I expect Mary Jo Foley to hunt me down and kill me.
Perhaps more end users in 2005 will demand that their programmers find better ways to move messages around really well and dispense with the buzz words.

Another interesting set of predictions from Carlos Perez' Managability blog. Especially those on Rich Internet Applications, Grid Architecture and REST, and Scripting Languages.

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