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Saturday, January 01, 2005

More Predictions

From Bill de hOra, tongue in cheek he says. We'll see...

java.util.concurrent will be a talking point and will produce a rash of articles and guidance as developers weep like children in the face of Doug Lea's 3rd edition of CPIJ.
Doug Lea's collection and concurrent packages have been one of my favorite features of Java for years. This would be a great prediction to come true.
Microsoft will try to hire Doug Lea.
I'd be surprised if this has not happened already. Does dotnet have anything like his concurrent package?
Everyone gets bored talking about AOP.
On the other hand, what if everyone realizes AOP is a nightmare from another era and moves to more simpler and expressive programming languages?
[Rich Internet Application] hacking hits the offline/online sweet spot as developers get fed up waiting for browsers, virtual machines and UI toolkits to evolve in response to Web Sites Which Are APIs... 2005 witnesses a revolution in how most developers are prepared to use obscure languages in production scenarios... The terms process-oriented, crash-first, concurrent message passing, and little language enter mainstream developer lingo. By the summer everyone gets closures and they replace IDE support as the popular distinguishing factor between languages. People start fooling with Erlang after they realise EJabberd is written in it and Herb Sutter's Fear and Loathing in Concurrency article scares the beejesus out of everyone.
Great predictions.
IM becomes a viable alternative to the heavier Grid and P2P technologies for integrators and data crunchers working at federation and Internet scales, but will initially be frowned on as a simplistic and inadequate for 'real work' - the debate will initially look like a rerun of WS-* v HTTP/XML
Nice. No tongue in cheek needed.


Patrick Logan and Ehud Lamm become superstars.
Hmm. Tongue must be partially in cheek. Ehud certainly deserves credit and publicity for Lambda.

On the other hand, I don't look good in Spandex and I don't have much of a stage presence.

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